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In our effort to capture an even wider web of innovative science and technology from across the Earth, we are now accepting articles for 420links.co.uk and lovecbdoil.co.uk  Articles should be 800-1500 words, should be formatted as follows:

- Writers must include graphics with their documents. Please send images
separately as .jpg or .png 

- Font & Text Size: Preferred Fonts: Georgia, Arial, or Times New Roman
- Body: 11 text size
- Title: 30 text size
- Subtitle: 18 text size & Approx. 20 words
Author and Copy Guidelines:
- First and foremost, use the word cannabis; cbd  NOT pot, marijuana, ganja, etc.
- Refrain from using "I" or "you" or "me"; instead use the universal “we” and “us”.
- Cite sources in footnotes as opposed to parentheses.
- Refer to the ACS style guide for questions regarding citing references.
- Use the same font throughout the article.
- Include your name on the document.
- Include the specific site 420links or lovecbdoil in your file name.
Please be cognizant of plagiarism. It is not acceptable to extract phrases or sentences from other sites, unless you are quoting that site, and provide a proper reference. Plagiarism does not mean just stealing content. It also means ideas.

How to Submit:
Please submit your completed article to george@420group.uk  If your article meets our editorial guidelines and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know when your article will be published. 

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