Traveling With Medical Marijuana

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Things that require Adequate Consideration When Traveling With Medical Marijuana

​​Posted by Leon Miller 20/02/2018​​

Life will become a hell easy for patients relying on medical cannabis if the medicated drug becomes legal! But that’s not the case!
Although some grey areas restrict traveling with medical marijuana, being unaware of them will not put you in hot water. As long as you have your medical papers, you can travel with ease.
However, rules of traveling with medical cannabis are still muddy and inconsistent.
As of now, medical marijuana is legal in many areas, but if you have plans to surpass the state lines especially in the US, drop the ideas and keep your marijuana at home. Otherwise, you will put yourself in hassle or perhaps end up putting yourself in jail.

The US federal government criminalizes the use of medical marijuana. So, how will you travel as a medical cannabis user?

If you are traveling locally, the best thing to do is- PLAN:

 ⦁ Always keep handy doctor’s prescription.
 ⦁ If traveling by car or any other public transport, make sure to keep your cannabis safe and secure at the back. Moreover, try taking pills or   oil instead of marijuana as they smell and look way different than the actual drug.
   However, if you are traveling abroad, do a complete research about the country and their laws. Keep in mind it’s better to know the land and   the airport rule before traveling.  For instance:
 ⦁ Denver airport has declared everything related to marijuana- illegal. So, if you get caught with this drug, the authorities will coerce you to   throw      your weed.
 ⦁ Portland airport authorities will check your boarding pass, and if you are flying to any other state within the line, you can carry your weed   with ease.
 ⦁ In San Francisco: You can travel with an ounce with ease. However, if you have a prescription for medical cannabis, you can carry eight   ounces!
    Medical cannabis patients mostly think that if they are in one of the states where the drug is legal (Colorado, California, Nevada or Oregon), they get the rights to carry it from one place to another. 
    Sadly, it’s not true! Federal law governs the US border, so the drug, whether prescribed or non-prescribed, is completely illegal in the US.

When traveling to the US, keep in mind that:

 ⦁ Some states reciprocate the law, but you have to register there. Also, you cannot bring your drug; you have to purchase from that country      only.
 ⦁ If you have plans to travel with no medical cannabis program, you can be in jail by the state police.
 ⦁ You can also be arrested for drug trafficking.

Travelling in European Union:

Moving from medical marijuana to European Union is a different thing; you have to be extra careful. Medical drug users of marijuana, traveling to European state has to be aware of local procedure as well as about their state drug laws.
The European law considers cannabis as a medical grade narcotic drug that falls under the same law as that of opioids.  Hence, if you are traveling with your prescription from one European country to another, make sure to follow all rules.
Furthermore, traveling to Schengen states has different laws like:
⦁ Schengen declaration for traveling within the Schengen states is valid only for 30 days
⦁ And medical documents in English for going outside cross borders are valid for one year.

When traveling to Canada: 

The Canadian government is working toward making medical cannabis legal.  As per the law, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority CATSA, will not consider prescribed marijuana (150 grams or less) illegal. However, selling and possessing it for non-medical purposes will remain illegal.

Extra Tips for Medical Marijuana Travelers: 

⦁ Do not bring the drug in liquid form in your carry bag
⦁ If putting in a checked bag, keep in mind that it perhaps get flagged in the USA and can put you in complicated situation
⦁ Don’t try to hide it, instead put in easy to open bags
⦁ Carry complete medical documents
⦁ Make sure your screening staff knows why you are traveling with marijuana
   Cannabis has been used as a medicine for treating pain, the reason why many countries have permitted it. Some of the states where marijuana is     legal are:
⦁ Argentina:  They have permitted marijuana for medical as well for personal use (in small quantity).
⦁ Belgium: only people above 18 are permitted to take medicine.
⦁ Canada: The country has permitted the use of marijuana after passing the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations 1999.
⦁ Czech Republic: Although the country has decriminalized keeping the drug.
⦁ Israel, Italy, and Iran: The drug is not illegal here.
⦁ Mexico: a small quantity of drug is allowed.
⦁ Spain:  it is only permitted for research, medical and education usage.
⦁ Portugal:  They have decriminalized the drug, but the selling and redistribution are strictly banned.

Bottom line: 
With all above tips handy, you can travel abroad or any other country with ease. Just make sure to know the land where you are going to land.

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