Trying to decide what types of cannabis seeds best suit you? Then let’s check out the pros and cons of regular and feminised cannabis seeds!

If you’re thinking of growing some seriously good weed, then you’re going to need the best seeds. Learning the difference between regular and feminised seeds, the pros and cons of each, and the different methods used to feminise them. Each type of seed has its own advantages and disadvantages, with growers choosing the type of seed they use based on their own growing requirements.

Before we jump into the differences between regular and feminised cannabis seeds, we need to talk about the difference between male and female cannabis plants. Cannabis plants will grow as either males, females, or occasionally become hermaphroditic. The male cannabis plants develop oval shaped pollen sacks during the flowering stage, while the females develop pistils and calyxes for catching the pollen to create seeds. The male cannabis plants produce the pollen which pollinates the female cannabis plant producing seeds. When cannabis plants experience high stress during the growing process, they can turn into hermaphroditic plants and have the ability to reproduce with themselves.

So, What're the Big Differences Between Feminised And Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are produced naturally between female and male cannabis plants. The pollen from the male cannabis plant fertilises the female, which then leads to the female plant producing seeds. These seeds are known as ‘regular seeds’ because they were produced in a regular way. Feminised seeds are created with two female cannabis plants. One of the female cannabis plants is put under stressful growing conditions which lead to it creating pollen that then fertilises the other female plant.

The flowers, or buds, are the most desirable part of the plant and this is what growers are aiming to produce most of the time. This is where the trichomes, the small crystal-like hairs which contain the cannabinoids, are located on the cannabis plant. It’s the cannabinoids like CBD and THC which growers are looking for, with different strains of cannabis having higher THC or higher CBD. Most growers aren’t interested in growing more plants as this takes up valuable growing space and

can lead to the females being pollinated if the males are not found in time. This is why male plants aren’t desirable for the majority of cannabis growers. This is why most growers will choose feminised cannabis seeds in an attempt to avoid growing any males.

* Feminised Cannabis Seeds – Feminised cannabis seeds are the result of two female plants and produce female cannabis plant 100% of the time. During the growing stage, growers give the female cannabis plants small amounts of colloidal silver. The colloidal silver stresses the female plant into producing pollen. The pollen produced fertilises the other female plants, which then produce feminised seeds. Due to the small amount of colloidal silver which is used to stress the cannabis plants, there is very little chance of any seeds becoming hermaphroditic. Most growers choose feminised seeds because they’re looking to grow female plants with high bud yield. When you buy feminised seeds, you don’t need to worry about males, and searching through your crop to weed them out.

* Regular Cannabis Seeds – When the male cannabis plant fertilises the female cannabis plant, the calyxes of the female plant produce regular or natural cannabis seed. Whenever a grower plants a regular cannabis seeds there is always a 50/50 chance that the plant will either grow into a male or female. Growers looking to create mother plants for cloning prefer regular seeds. While other growers believe that the buds produced from regular seeds are of a higher-quality to feminised, but this is highly debated.

What’s the Price Difference Between Regular Cannabis Seeds and Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

When you buy feminised cannabis seeds, you’re going to pay a higher price for the convenience of growing 100% female plants. If you are looking to buy feminised but don’t have the spare cash, then visit somewhere like Your Weed Coupons that have lots of offers to help reduce the cost of your purchase, you will find deals for many of the biggest seed retailers and breeders like these Seedsman discount codes. When you know you’re getting female plants you need fewer seeds, less growing space and have more control over your crop. Regular cannabis seeds will cost you less, but you’ll need to allow for both female and male plants in your crop. If you prefer sexing the plants during the growing stage and happy to take your chances with regular seeds, then go for it! If you want more control over your crop, then feminised seeds may be preferable for you.

Different strains of cannabis are also going to cost you more depending on the brand and type of seed you buy. Different strains of cannabis will produce different cannabis buds, some stronger in THC or CBD than others. Buying high-quality seeds, regular or feminised, is an investment on the future yield and quality of your cannabis crop. Happy growing!

​Posted by Ben Jackson

Cannabis Seeds

The Pros and Cons of Regular and Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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