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Harvesting is the various labor-intensive exercise of the growing period. It is the act of gathering your rewards and is the greatest pleasure you will have with your garden. First of all, you should understand that harvesting emanates odor. It stinks up the surrounding quickly, so manage this in intention. Now you will have to recognize the guidelines that the grower set forward with her marijuana seed regarding the flowering seasons. At the completion of the flowering period review your bud. Save everything you observe in memory because soon you will be ready to assess other plants to identify their last stage. You do not need to define the breeder's flowering season if you have been able to distinguish and classify a bud that has attained its development. Here are exceptional characteristics that help explain when to harvest. Some of these conditions do not resemble every channel strain though.

- 50 percent to 70 percent of the pistils change color.
- Your plant stops generating crystals.
- Your plant stops providing resin.
- The fan leaves and lower leaves have turned yellow and are beginning to fall off.
- The smell has attained its peak.
- Bud volume has not grown in the past several days.

These are good signs that your plant is now available for harvest. There merely is one sure way to harvest your plant, and anything else is pretty much a variation of it. Also, we must add that harvesting an Indica plant and a Sativa plant is slightly different.


Indica Harvest
Cut the base of your 1-foot to 4-foot plant. The plant should later be suspended upside down in a cold environment, without light and fresh air. Take a pair of clippers out and cut as many of the fan leaves as possible. Next, remove the little leaves and set these into a separate collection.
Last but not limited gather any trim from the bud. “Trim” is the tiny leaves coated with resin. Four various characteristics of weed to collect. The fan leaf will only be a good choice for smoking, the middle leaves is a mean better, and the trim will be accurate. The bud is the excellent material though, and this will give you your excellent spirit of high! Leave the plant as is until a branch can shatter effortlessly between your fingers. If it behaves, you are ready to cure the Bud.

Sativa Harvest
Sativa is significant like the Indica except for the harvest itself may be quite a task concentrated. Outdoor growers choose to grow Sativa plants which seldom grow up as tall as twelve feet providing over 20 pounds of bud sometimes. These plants denote extensive harvesting. You need a cover blanket or another tool that you can practice to relocate the bud. The plant should be hacked at the bottom and scattered out on the canvas. The canvas is then turned up and tied down set for a carrier. Indeed, if you have other than one plant, then you might require more than one canvas covering. The plant should later be suspended upside down in a cold environment, the same with the Indica harvest, without light and fresh air. Because of the plants' mass and bush, you may have to prune the branches and dangle these up individually. Take a pair of clippers out and shed leaves and trim as recommended.

It must be denoted out here that light degenerates THC quantities from the strain of your marijuana seed that has been planted. Your surrounding does not have to be as light-proof as your grow room. Just don't display your harvest to either straight light or sunlight.


These are preserved by dropping them dry on a horizontal surface, away from direct light and with properties of new atmospheres. The leaves will shrivel up after three weeks and are readily smokable at that grade. Examine them out to see what you desired and what you did not. Another thing you could do with the trim is to obtain some hash from it. Do not try to rush up your drying method with heat from Ovens or microwaves. Allow them to dry out regularly, and you will cure yourself an extremely immeasurable smoke from the leaves.

While promptly as the branches are breakable, you should contemplate preserving your bud. Canning is an excellent way to get the maximum from your bud. Obtain a can with a demountable cover. The more cases you have, the better. Utilizing a pair of scissors, trim your bud from the branch and placed it into the can. The offices and stem are not much good to you. They do contain THC, but solely in inadequate amounts. Most stem and branches go in the separate container for disposal or other use. Immediately get the can and store it a dark room or closet. Each day open the cover for several hours. Six hours is good and later seal the lid again.


Furthermore, stagger the bud around a bit each several of days. The usual traditional curing technique out there, and it does do its work well. Bud that is cured completely gives excellent smokes, and it is the best! Address the canning method between three to four weeks before you should undoubtedly examine your goods and do the sampling. Eight weeks old bud can smoke remarkably strong and year-old bud is excellent stuff but can lose potency. Fresh bud from Eight weeks canned curing is the climax limit of cured bud. After that, any of the THC cannabinoids vary the composition and become different cannabinoid compounds. Young bud is considerably better than old bud. You may find other curing methods out there but storing with cannister does produce wonders and is not expensive to do.

Natalie Gray 

Natalie Gray is a Biochemical Engineer. She works in the Research and Development team that focuses on the design and construction of unit processes. She is a recreational marijuana supporter and her love for organic chemistry brought her to medical cannabis. She grows her own flowers, working on different projects and study everything above and under cannabis roots.

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