It is possible to create a salve from marijuana that is absorbed through the skin. Cannabis salve does not tend to get you high in any way, certainly not to the same extent as other methods of administering cannabis will, but can very effective in the treatment of various ailments. It has great muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.
Cannabis salve is usually used for the treatment of arthritis, muscle spasms, sore joints and as a general healing balm for cuts and burns etc. It has a lot of regenerative properties that work wonders on the skin – it is partly why cannabis products are used in the cosmetic industry.
If you have been prescribed marijuana then chances are that this is not going to be enough in itself to beat back the problems you have. However, if you have a little bit you are willing to set aside then a salve can act as a nice additional aid for extra relaxation and minor relief, especially if you are having joint problems when out and about – when you can't really take another form of cannabis discreetly.
On the whole, you are only likely to use cannabis salve as a homemade healing ointment.

It does not carry the health risks of other methods
It is great for your skin
It can act as a great additional aid when used in conjunction with other methods for physical ailments
It is discreet

It is very unlikely to be strong enough by itself
You are likely to have to make it yourself
Other may use it by accident
It is not really suitable for the majority of serious ailments that require a marijuana prescription

Disclaimer: Please note, we are not doctors nor are we qualified to give medical advice. We cannot accept any responsibility should your experience of medical marijuana differ in any way from what is described in this article. The above information is based on the experience of others, we have not conducted our own medical research. If you want to be sure, please ask your doctor.