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Medical Marijuana: The Miracle Drug for Treating Chemotherapy Effects!

Also known as chemo, Chemotherapy is an effective treatment that aids in treating cancer. It makes use of strong drugs that prevent cancer cells from proliferating to other parts of the body. It kills tumor cells and slows down their growth in the body.
However, chemo treatment is more like a double sword; while it kills cancer cells from hampering the body, it kills healthy cells as well. It further put adverse effects on the person’s body thereby causing nausea, vomiting, and pain. 

Nevertheless, to treat side-effects associated with chemo, patients use medical marijuana.
Cannabis posses a number of health benefits and is proven to be used for treating nausea and cancer-related pain. It contains an active ingredient called cannabinoid, which help cancer patients to ease the symptoms associated with it. It aids in treating: 
⦁ Anorexia
⦁ Fatigue
⦁ Loss of appetite
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Nerve pain, etc
If you are undergoing cancer treatment, have a look at some of the reasons how medical marijuana helps you deal with them: 

No More Pain: 

Cancer patients have to suffer allot from pain, the reason why people look for medical recommendations of pots. 
Marijuana works exactly like opioids as it posses anti-inflammatory effects that ease the pain. Moreover, a study published in 2016 states that marijuana can be an alternative drug to other painkiller and opioids.   

Mental and Emotional Well Being: 

It’s no wrong to say that chronic ailments can put bring effects on physical as well as psychological health. However, to treat them, cannabis is used. It features mood stimulating and euphoric properties that relax the mind and body. 
Although there are antidepressants which are used to treat mental ailments, cannabis can show positive effects with one dose only. It boosts neurotransmitter serotonin level (an anti-depressant drug), to make your body healthy. 

No More Vomiting and Feeling of Nausea:

Patients suffering from cancers usually feel nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. However, medical marijuana is used for treating it. Cannabis features antiemetic properties that aid in reducing the grueling effects of chemo. 

Moreover, many pharmaceutical companies and countries have started created clone version to sell the drug legally. In fact, it is legal to sell and buy medical marijuana in Canada, if you have a prescription. 

No Skin Problems: 

Itchiness is among the severe side-effects of cancer. If you are feeling the same, perhaps it’s because of you going from cancer treatment. 
However, with cannabis you can treat it. Marijuana features cannabinoids, which is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, to calm the effects of chemo. It is quite effective for soothing inflammation-based allergies like dermatitis. While you can use oral or inhaled drug, you can even use cannabis herb that you can directly apply onto the skin. 

No More Imbalanced Digestive Trait’s: 

Having constipation or feeling digestive imbalance? Cannabis is the solution!
It balances the ratio of bacteria present in the gut, thereby offering balanced internal health. So, if you are suffering from digestive distress, you perhaps have imbalanced intestine. 
Diarrhea is also included in the imbalanced internal ecosystem, which you can treat with cannabis. You can either take prescription painkillers or can use the herb to ease down the side effects. 
Fatigue- NO!
One of the most popular and common side-effects of pot consumption is dizziness. Some drugs can make you feel fatigue and sleepy; others have energizing properties. However, strains like an indicator or the one that has Kush offer sedation and aids in healthy sleep. Plus, you will wake up fresh and charged. Your sleep time will increase, and you will feel healthy. 

Weight Management: 

Besides the side-effects like nausea, pain, and vomiting of chemotherapy, loss of appetite is another major one to consider.  Cannabis can offer you munchies by lowering the neurological effects that the drug brings on the brain. 

Neuropathy Treatments: 

Patients suffering from chemo treatments usually suffer from neuropathy or nerve damage. The patient will feel burning in hands and feet, tingling, weakness and even numbness. However, medical marijuana aids in providing relief to the patients suffering from neuropathy. 

It Has Anti-Cancer Properties: 

The most important thing about cannabis is its anti-cancer properties. It aids in killing cancer and tumor cells for some cancers. In a study conducted in 2017 on patients who have brain cancer, it is seen that cannabis has increased their survival rate. Although these researchers are preliminary, patients take a high dose of medical marijuana to get treated for cancer. 
Medical marijuana is undoubtedly the most effective and natural healer. However, not all countries have legally prescribed it. Patients can only use medical cannabis in 
⦁ Alaska
⦁ California
⦁ Hawaii
⦁ Michigan
⦁ Maine
⦁ Nevada
⦁ New Mexico
⦁ Vermont
⦁ Rhode Island
⦁ Washington
So, if you are traveling overseas or in the neighboring country, don’t forget to carry the doctor’s prescription with you.

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