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Hello my name is Dario De Vei, I am starting this page to raise money for my cousin Matteo. Growing up together Matteo and I loved to play football, go out, do regular things that young people do. He would even go on to pursue a career as a footballer near our home town in Italy. Unfortunately his life has massively shifted in the last year. Now 32 years old Matteo found out at the end of 2018 he was diagnosed with ALS, a motoneuron disease that causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles. What many people now know as the disease that Stephen Hawking also developed and lived with. He has gone from a young man using his physically to earn his living to being reduced to limited mobility. One can only imagine how distressing such news is especially giving his age (most cases of ALS develop around and over the age of 55). Since the horrible news he is progressively having more difficulty with the most simple tasks such as waking up from bed, dressing, even holding a glass in his hand. This disease is powerful and his body is changing rapidly ever day, he has started to have difficulty even swallowing. A few months before the diagnosis Matteo and his fiance Giulia found out that she was pregnant. Wonderful news for a young healthy couple in love but given the timing they were soon overwhelmed by the fact that they would have more to take on than they had anticipated. Tommaso was born on the 5th July of 2019. I can't even imagine how to balance the joy of a new born baby and the problems of a degenerative illness. Matteo already finds it hard to hold his own baby in his arms, and his finance now has to return from maternity leave and back to work to support them. Although they have some family nearby the care will soon be around the clock and with everyone working there will be many times when Giulia will require a nanny for the baby and hopefully a carer to help with Matteo’s everyday activities. As Matteo was self employed he just has just started to receive a very low pension which is not even enough to cover his gas expense when he has to travel over 100 miles for his hospital appointments. Furthermore Matteo and his family are forced to return living with his parents, cutting the extra cost of rent and to have family nearby. However in doing so they will need to renovate his father's house to accommodate him. This will include putting a bathroom and bedroom and new disability access all on the ground floor which currently does not exist. The money we are hoping to raise will go towards renovating his home to make it as accessible to him as possible, to support him financially with bills etc as he is no longer able to work and his finance is the only one working to support their family. It will also go towards trips to and from the specialist hospital to receive his medication. Hopefully if any extra funds are raise we can help his fiance Giulia employ some sort of help around the house, as she needs support in this difficult time. This is urgent as he is detiriorating rapidly each day.  Currently is no cure for ALS but the world is a mystery, we are keeping our minds and hearts open. In the meantime we want to make life as comfortable for Matteo and his new family in this uncomfortable time. Thank you so much for reading, please share this post as much as you can, any donation big or small with help us greatly. Wishing you all good health and happiness in the new year. _______________________________________

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