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We are looking for a potential investor/investors to come and join us and capitalise on something unique .Marijuana has been legalised across many states in the U.S And in many countries across the world .
Some have relaxed the laws others are happy to allow users free of restriction use.The global market is potentially huge .With the U.S.A alone being seen to become a 20 billion dollar industry by 2020.
We have over 450 000 visitors a month. Our followers are engaged with us on social media 

We have only just opened the doors for advertisers to come onboard. Do you have what it takes to see the goldmine that we have .
Are you capable of putting your money where your mouth is and creating the income streams that are possible Come and talk to us, tell us why you think and why YOU would be the best fit for us and how we can go forward together. george@420group.uk

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