There are lots of different products on the market to help you get your cannabis seeds germinated and most of these products produce very high success rates. The best ones usually involve the use of rock wool.

Basically, you create grid of rock wool within a specialized tray. The rock wool has a hole in each block where the seed is placed. This is then covered with additional rock wool to stop the seed being directly exposed to the air. The rock wool blocks run down into the tray where you feed in water/growth fertilizers. This is absorbed into the rock wool and slowly feeds the cannabis seeds. Once it is all set up you place a cover over the tray to keep it warm – you will find that some kits have heating units, effectively turning them into mini greenhouses.

There are many types of kits out there that vary from the above; no matter what type of kit you decide to buy, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you are highly likely to get good results.

Whilst propagation kits have extremely high success rates, the disadvantage of this method over the others is that it costs a lot more to do. You need to buy the kits initially, which can cost you an extra 20-30 euros.

Novices who decide to do this should refrain from using additives to boost germination success rates; wait until you are a bit more experienced. It is very easy to overfeed your seeds and kill them during this extremely sensitive phase of their lives.

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