This method involves placing your cannabis seeds on either a damp paper towel, cheese cloth or cotton wool (on a plate). Cover the seeds by placing more damp cotton wool or another paper towel on top of them. It is a good idea to put something like an upside down plate on top of them for shelter and to keep in humidity. Now place your seeds in a warm area to get them going.

It is extremely important when using this method that you never allow the seeds to dry out – if you do they will die or become damaged and germination will fail. Check the seeds every day until they begin to grow a tap root. As soon as they do, delicately transfer them to your growing medium - the best way to do so is probably with something like a pair of tweezers. Make sure not to touch the roots at all! They are very fragile and touching them will cause damage that kills the cannabis seed.

You can expect very good, to moderate results using this method, but bear in mind that your seedlings are very exposed and prone to damage. Be careful.