The Cannabis Social Club movement started in Spain. Originally composed of small consumers, growers and patients they collectively grow cannabis for their own personal use. This small model was soon replicated by others to provide a constant supply of affordable, high quality and most importantly safe cannabis.

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Aylesbury Cannabis Club
Basingstoke Cannabis Club

Birmingham Cannabis Club
Blackpool Cannabis Club

Bradford Cannabis Club

Brighton Cannabis Club
Bristol Cannabis Club
Bury St. Edmonds Cannabis Club
Canna Coffee House
Cardiff Cannabis Social Club
Carrickfergus Cannabis Club 
Central Birmingham Division Cannabis Social Club

​Clacton Cannabis Club
Co. Down Cannabis Support Group
Coventry Cannabis Social Club
Coventry and Warwickshire Compassion Club
Corby Cannabis Community

Derbyshire Cannabis Collective
The Devon Cannabis Club
Doncaster Cannabis Club
Donegal Cannabis Social Club
Durham City Cannabis Club
Durham County Cannabis Social Club
Dundee Cannabis Club

Eastbourne Cannabis Club
Edinburgh Cannabis Social Club  
Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
Original: Guildford
Hampshire Cannabis Community
Hemel Hempstead Cannabis Collective

Hitchin Cannabis Club
Hull Cannabis Community
Isle of Wight Cannabis Club 
Jerk & Fire
Kent Cannabis Social Club
Lincolnshire Cannabis Community
Leeds Cannabis Social Club
LegenDerry Cannabis Club
Letchworth Cannabis Club
Newcastle Cannabis Club
North Wales Cannabis Social Club
Peterborough Cannabis Social Club
Plymouth Cannabis Social Club
Pontefract cannabis community
Red Squirrel Cannabis Co
Scunthorpe Cannabis Club
Southend-On-Sea Cannabis Club
The Somerset Cannabis Community
Surrey Cannabis Club
Sunderland Cannabis Club
Swansea Cannabis Club 
Teesside Cannabis Club
Tyneside Cannabis Club
Tyne & Wear Cannabis Club
Warwickshire Cannabis Community
Wolverhampton Cannabis Club
Northern Ireland Cannabis Community (Belfast)
Yorkshire Smoking Club