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With the burgeoning popularity of the cannabis plant for everything from hemp products to medical marijuana to recreational use, many people are curious about just what makes the powerful plant so mainstream. Fortunately, with so much unknown potential when it comes to relieving body pain and anxiety, and so many more available uses, the hard part might be knowing where to begin with this weed.
A bad first-time experience with marijuana can be a deal breaker for the novice. But, with new strains being created all the time, there are plenty of opportunities for testing out strains that are higher in CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana. A bad experience can be hard to forget, but there are numerous benefits to be had with this plant-based product.
With a 30% increase in profits in 2017, the market prospects for marijuana are set to grow even more in the coming years according to Arcview Market Research. And, fortunately, for those who are considering the multi-faceted green plant, the popularity of cannabis means that there are plenty of places for people to begin. If your curiosity is piqued and you’re ready to test some buds on your own, here are a few suggestions for easing into cannabis bliss.
Blue Dream
It might sound too good to be true, but Blue Dream is among the most popular low-tolerance strains and it more than lives up to its name. A hybrid, Blue Dream is made from a combination of both cannabis indica and cannabis sativa plants. Given its low amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it’s ideal for the new user who is looking for something that will provide a relaxed, content experience.
This strain’s reference to the word ‘catatonic’ may put the fear in new converts to the cannabis plant, but it isn’t what it sounds like. Doctors also believe that not only can this strain help with body issues like migraines and anxiety, providing calmness and even a tingling sensation, it will leave the user feeling relaxed and soothed. Fortunately, the period you’ll experience a high is short too, so it’s a good strain for those who are starting out.
With a CBD level of 4-10%, this strain derived from the cannabis sativa plant is made of a blend of Columbia Gold and Swiss Landrace. As this particular strain is low in THC, it’s a benefit for new users who will be able to manage any side effects and stay focused. Like Cannatonic, it’s also an ideal strain when it comes to dealing with anxiety and providing the user with a non-drowsy calm.

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Maui Wowie
It’s no accident that this cannabis sativa strain is named after the city of Maui, as it hails from the Central Pacific island of Hawaii. While it grew to prominence in the 1970s and dominated the cannabis scene for quite a while, its quality has been maintained over the years through selective breeding techniques. Fortunately, perhaps like the Hawaiian Islands, Maui Wowie is ideal for providing a feeling of euphoria and relaxation that will allow you to get through your day without a heavy high.
It may frighten new adopters of cannabis to realize that this strain is actually named after the crazed clown from the Stephen King novel IT. Fortunately, its effects are not something you’ll need to fear. Derived from cannabis indica, there is definitely some psychoactive potential with this strain, but it should leave you feeling focused and stress free, as long as you can forget about its name.
Jack Herer
This might seem like another oddly named strain, but it’s actually a California creation in tribute to the cannabis activist and medical marijuana  user Jack Herer. A winner of many competitions, this cannabis sativa hybrid is not too strong but will provide a distinctive high that leaves the user feeling energetic and creative. Fortunately, it’s not so strong that the uninitiated won’t be able to go about their daily activities. 
O.G. Kush
Hailing from California, this is one of the most well known strains around, and there’s a reason for its popularity. While this strain can alleviate issues like anxiety and stress, providing a sense of euphoria, it’s a stronger option for the new user who is looking for that famed marijuana high. You’ll just want to be aware of how many tokes you take as this one can be pretty potent given its reputation.
There’s more than a unique name for this cannabis sativa strain, as permafrost refers to the crystal trichomes on its leaves that give it a frosted look. While this particular strain has potency in larger doses, if you’re starting off small it can provide balance and help you focus on the task at hand. As a result, it can also be of use in lending calmness and clear-headedness for those who deal with disorders like ADD, ADHD or anxiety.
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