There are various types of grow lights on the market available to cannabis cultivators. It is important to choose a grow light that suits your needs and fits within your budget.

HID lights, also known as horticultural lights are the most highly suited, commonly used light type for  cannabis indoor grow rooms. They have the right amount of wattage and CCT levels, and are safe and easy to manage. If you want to do it right, then you should ideally use an HID set up.There are two main types of HID lamps:  High-Pressure Sodium lights (HPS), and Metal Halide lights (MH).

HPS lights tend to be the favourite of most cannabis cultivators. They have a wattage range of 75-4,000 watts, come in all shapes and sizes, have ideal CCT levels and produce a good amount of lumens. Part of their popularity stems from the excellent growth their light spectrum promotes during the flowering stage.

MH lights are a great choice when you want to promote strong and rapid growth. They tend to be best for the seedling and vegetative stages of the cannabis life-cycle as they usually have high CCT levels.
Both HPS and MH lights can be used for all stages of the cannabis life-cycle but each one has an area where they specialize.


These are the tube lights you often find in commercial buildings and occasionally in a domestic building such as a garage or utility room. They tend to have a wattage of 10-300W and can be used in a grow room, but do not achieve very good results. This type of light has a very low intensity that does not do your plants any favours.

These are your bog standard lights you use around the house. They normally have a wattage varying between 15-150W and are completely unsuitable for growing cannabis plants.

Halogen lights create a lot of very intense light and are often used for lighting large areas. Unfortunately they create a vast amount of heat that makes them completely unsuitable for a grow room setting as they pose a real safety hazard, as well as easily overheating your plants.
 As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing and sorting out lighting for your grow room. You will find HID lights are the way to go, and you should be able to find out the wattage/lumens and Kelvin of most bulbs in their product information. Many growers do not have an understanding of lighting to this level of detail. They know they need HID lights which need to be on for certain photoperiods but fail to understand the full implications and effects these lights have on their plants. This is fine; you can still get reasonable results, but having a deeper understanding will help you hone and temper your skills, allowing you to get better results with each grow - becoming a true cultivator of worth.