If looking for the best edible CBD oil, then you can check out Herbonaut. It not only provides the best CBD oils in the market, but it also offers an idea of what fuels you should select for your edibles. It is important to note that edibles deliver the CBD to the liver. It is where metabolism occurs before its absorption to the blood and its reach to the brain. It is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC which enters the bloodstream causing the desired effects. However, smoking CBD has a shorter process. Once in the lungs, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and to the brain.

6. Control     
Edibles bring about an overwhelming sense of being high. It makes it difficult to control yourself. It is associated with the length of time that edibles take to act in the body and the possibility of taking high potency weed without knowing. However, with smoking, control is easy as you will receive a specific amount of cannabinoids. It means you won’t lose yourself.

7. Usage  
Smoking weed and especially its buds are limited to grown-ups. You can’t give a child a smoking pen for medical purposes. Smoking restrictions are to older people who know what they are doing. However, for medicinal purposes, especially for young kids, it is advisable to give them edibles. These can fit in perfectly to whatever you intend to do, and individuals across all ages have access to it, no limits. 

8. Cost
Smoking requires you to purchase budget buds of your choice and find a suitable method of smoking it. If aiming to make an edible, you have to shop for the necessary groceries and also gain access to your dispensary for the cannabis. The costs of the two are relatively similar. However, making edibles might be a bit expensive if you add the effort used compared to smoking it. 

9. Culture 
Culture inhibits smoking in many public areas such as the workplace and will require you to go to specific joints or home to get high. However, edibles can be carried anywhere and taken at any time. Even in your workplace, you can bring a cookie or two and have it push you through the day. 

10. Accessibility 
Smoking faces strict laws in different states, even with the cannabis legalization in the US. Therefore, there is no prescription indicating that you smoke medical marijuana. Many medical marijuana prescriptions involve ingesting the compound to deliver the desired effect. 
There is no preferred method between smoking and taking marijuana edibles except an individual preference. Choose the best method that fits your desires.

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Ingesting cannabis has been made fun. You can select the different types of marijuana and the means through which you are going to have them. However, there are two common ways in which individuals enjoy taking cannabis. These are cannabis edibles and smoking. Both are quite essential when it comes to individual preferences. Besides, they are quite different in every way. Here are their differences. 

1. Effects 
Ingesting and smoking cannabinoids brings their impact at different times. Smoking is fast in delivering it, i.e. around 30 minutes. Besides, it affects only lasts for about 2 hours to the utmost 4 hours.  Edibles take quite a while and only provide after metabolization has taken place. That is around 3 hours earliest, and it takes 6 hours for the effects to subside, and in some cases, it might take even longer. 

2. Health 

Cannabis Edibles vs Smoking: 10 Differences Between The Two

​Posted by: Kathy T. Cooley

Even with ingesting and smoking cannabis buds, it is always important to look after your health. Smoking is unhealthy, no matter what it is. Even with medical marijuana, smoking still holds on to its dangerous effects; it can burn off your mouth or lips, cause hot air into your lungs, tracheal which can be harmful in the long run. Eating cannabis is much healthier. It comes to the body as food, and harsh smoke temperatures do not accompany it. 

3. Dosage 
If purchasing budget buds for your daily cooking, you can identify the amount purchased. However, once it is ready, it’s challenging to calculate the amount of marijuana in one single pot cookie. It is quite easy to underestimate the effects of purchased edibles. It is as a result of the difference in time for effects to show. In smoking, you can measure the marijuana seeds or leaves you have put in your smoking paper and have an inkling of the expected impacts. 

4. Potency levels 
Marijuana seeds have different potency levels. Regardless of how you use marijuana, you have to know the potency of the specific strain you have used. Use a supplier or purchase from a reputable organization which can offer you all the details of that particular cannabis strain. Remember, it is difficult to rate the potency of weed used in an edible rather than one used in a smoking pen. Therefore, you may take highly potent edibles, thinking it is of the same level as before. To avoid this, ensure that you have pertinent information about the cannabis used and quantity in your edibles. 

5. Absorption rates

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