Marijuana Strains for Productivity
Posted by John Brown

The right marijuana strain can make you productive and creative. Yes, this is true. There are marijuana strains that can make you more focused and increase your concentration. They are the perfect recreational drug of choice if you have a lot of work that you need to do. Marijuana is a powerful tool for boosting productivity. The following are some marijuana strains that you can use to help you become productive. These strains can help you focus, give you much-needed energy and uplift your mood. 

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3 Must Know Facts About Hemp CBD Oil

Posted by Ben Spooner

With the burgeoning popularity of the cannabis plant for everything from hemp products to medical marijuana to recreational use, many people are curious about just what makes the powerful plant so mainstream. Fortunately, with so much unknown potential when it comes to relieving body pain and anxiety, and so many more available uses, the hard part might be knowing where to begin with this weed.

So I wanted to express my feelings about the CannaTech 2017 convention I attended last Thursday in London & I thought what better platform than 420 Links to express my sheer and utter delight with what I experienced :-0 What an eye opener for someone who went there for research purposes and to do a bit of networking of course. What a fantastic event which was so well organised and the speakers they had on were truly amazing...there was such a diverse mix of really smart people giving talks on all the amazing benefits of medical cannabis/ CBD oils including curing terminal diseases like cancer, & how people are contributing towards the fight to legalise cannabis in the UK. I came away from the event with so much more knowledge and a new found respect for CBD. I sure am feeling truly inspired after listening to all the amazing stories and want to do more to help raise awareness of this truly miraculous wonder plant which has unnecessarily suffered so much stigma and negativity until recently. No more though...its time to make a stand... lets be loud and proud of Medical Cannabis to help towards healing the world and making it a better place :-) YAAAY TO THAT!!!

Has Amsterdam become too commercialised​
A couple of us here at 420links decided to take a little trip over the water to Amsterdam on the weekend.This was a new experience for one and a much needed revisit for the other.Friday morning 10am we landed hopped straight on a train and headed to central station.First stop was breakfast at one of the many pancake eateries, with bellies full it was time to get our smoke on.Barneys is an old fave and was within easy walking distance.Blimey old Riley we walked in the place was packed fortunately 2 seats were soon vacated and we parked ourselves.I really enjoy vaping and there right beside me was a volcano ..Kushty : )I picked a nice sativa filled the bowl and then the bag .Ooh that was lovely jubbly, did the trick and was followed up by another bag or three.Well the day drifted away in a haze after that . Fighting our way through the crowds to the hotel , checking in , then we returned to carry on with our mission.Over the next day or two we explored central Amsterdam.We couldn’t believe how busy the streets were never mind that every coffee shop we visited was packed and a few we turned away from as there was no seating available .What amazed us was the number of people walking around smoking in massive groups Hoards of people We met Americans, Canadians, Chinese,Japanese and many Europeans and of course plenty of Brits.I don’t know I feel the place is too busy and standards have dropped. It’s not as clean as it used to be . I also think for those who really want the Dutch experience , they need to go further afield than Amsterdam. The Netherlands is a big place .We enjoyed our time but just felt it was a bit of a struggle .What’s your experience of the Dam ?


Cannabis strain focus: Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds

​Posted by Sylent Jay

Also known as chemo, Chemotherapy is an effective treatment that aids in treating cancer. It makes use of strong drugs that prevent cancer cells from proliferating to other parts of the body. It kills tumor cells and slows down their growth in the body.

However, chemo treatment is more like a double sword; while it kills cancer cells from hampering the body, it kills healthy cells as well. It further put adverse effects on the person’s body thereby causing nausea, vomiting, and pain.

Medical Marijuana: The Miracle Drug for Treating Chemotherapy Effects!

​Posted by Christi Jackson

This time from 420links we want to tell you about the main advantages of vaporizing. In front of other methods of consumption such as combustion or ingestion.Although the advantages are many, we will focus on the 5 that seem most relevant to us and take into account:

The Pros and Cons of Regular and Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Posted by Ben Jackson

If you’re thinking of growing some seriously good weed, then you’re going to need the best seeds. Learning the difference between regular and feminised seeds, the pros and cons of each, and the different methods used to feminise them. Each type of seed has its own advantages and disadvantages, with growers choosing the type of seed they use based on their own growing requirements.

Most weed smokers always tend to be slim in nature than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that cannabis helps in the regulation of insulin production, and manage the intake of calories more efficiently. 

Grow boxes are enclosed systems that allow their users to plant indoor crops in a controlled environment. Most grow boxes are either soil-based or hydroponic with the hydroponic grow boxes being the most common due to the cleanliness and convenience. The hydroponic systems provide the plants with water, nutrients, air ventilation, and controlled temperature to ensure the crops get the best possible conditions for growing without the user having to constantly tend to their plant.

CBD oil’s popularity has snuck up on us in the past couple of years, and there are a lot of big claims about this health supplement that might feel too big to be true for something that’s so new. The questions about CBD don’t end there. You will commonly hear about CBD oil for dogs and people, but what about other animals? Do they make CBD oil for cats? There is a lot confusion, so what’s the truth in all of this?

4 Alternative Pain Management Options for Back Pain
Post by Joshua Nelson

Chronic back pain can severely impact your quality of life, making it difficult to sleep, work, and even just move around. If, like many Americans, you’re concerned about the possible side effects of prescription pain medications (or if you’ve already tried prescription pain medications and have been less than pleased with the results), alternative options are available. Here are four back pain remedies that may help you achieve the relief you’re seeking.

So I wanted to express my feelings about the CannaTech 2017

​Posted by Shabs

On this occasion from 420 links we will explain why the CBD is psychoactive, although popularly, it is not usually classified as such. Perhaps the result of ignorance or perhaps because of the bad reputation that psychoactive substances arouse in society. Therefore, since the re-discovery of the CBD has always been expressed that this is not psychoactive.

Things that require Adequate Consideration When Traveling With Medical Marijuana. 

Posted by Leon Miller 

Posted by Johnny Green 

One almost never sees potent cannabis plants flowering in public and while this was a common sight almost everywhere only 80 years ago, it is now banned in most corners of the earth. Until recently, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona, the Cannabis College in Amsterdam, the Hemp Museum in Berlin,...

Using Hemp CBD Oil To Treat Our Dogs
Posted by  ​Sandra Ericson

Grow Boxes: The Easiest way for a Medical Marijuana User to Grow

​Posted by Kenzie Nelligan

5 reasons why to switch to vaporization
​By: Raro Genetics, @raroweed

Arkansans for Compassionate Care volunteers have been working hard over the past year to collect the 138,000 raw signatures needed to make the 2016 ballot. We currently have more than 50,000 signatures and are continuing to collect them daily. But as the months go on, we’ll need to hire professional canvassers to collect the rest.

How To Help Medical Marijuana Legalization In Arkansas

Posted by Johnny Green 

Cannabis Strain Recommendations for Beginners and Low-Tolerance Consumers

​Posted by Jessica Siggers

The flowering embassy in the heart of Vienna​

​Posted by Michael Knodt

CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is getting so much attention, yet many people are unaware of it's huge range of benefits. Benefits such as muscle and joint pain relief, improved sleep and complete relaxation.
Before understanding the advantages of CBD from hemp, it’s crucial to know a little more about hemp itself, as people often mistake hemp assuming it’s the same thing as cannabis.

24 Unexpected Health Benefits of Weed
Posted by Carla Thomas

Life will become a hell easy for patients relying on medical cannabis if the medicated drug becomes legal! But that’s not the case!
Although some grey areas restrict traveling with medical marijuana, being unaware of them will not put you in hot water. As long as you have your medical papers, you can travel with ease.
However, rules of traveling with medical cannabis are still muddy and inconsistent.

The CBD, yes it is psychoactive
By: Raro Genetics, @raroweed

Happy Birthday, Jack Herer®! It has been 20 years since this wonderful strain conquered the hearts of cannabis gourmets and passionate growers alike. To this day, our original Jack Herer® is the most awarded strain in the world, and a favourite to many. Cherry on top of the cannabis cake: this masterful 3-way hybrid is...