5 Ways Meditation Can Drastically Improve Your Work Week

Posted by: Kathy T. Cooley​

Meditation is a buzzing word these days. People lead a stressful life due to lack of sleep, no specific time of having food, due to which things get a little overwhelming in these scenarios. It, in turn, affects your productivity at work. You lack focus, lose interest, and might get anxiety attacks. One of the effective ways to deal with these negative emotions is by Meditation. These days people are working towards achieving positive mental health. So, here are five ways of how Meditation can drastically improve your workweek.

1. Strengthens Memory

There are times when you have a deadline at work, you are working on it from the morning, and it becomes difficult for you to concentrate anymore. According to a study, the Human Resource managers who took part in a two-month training course on Meditation were more focused as compared to those who took a training course for relaxation. After the training, the meditators showed improvement in multitasking by solving the naturalistic and stressful test given to the HR workers. Another study at the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy showed that meditation training of four days could magnify their attention keeping ability. Meditation directs your brain to concentrate on the work you are doing at present. It will help you in completing more work efficiently and fast. When you start preparing for Meditation, you become conscious of when you are losing focus. This way, you push yourself to re-focus on your current task and finish it. 

4. Improves your engagement at work
The more you show commitment towards your work, the better you are at it. But sometimes we feel less motivated towards our work. As per the
State of the American Workplace report, the engagement levels of employees to their work is only 33%. Sometimes, the work becomes so monotonous that you might not even realize that you finished a task. You don't perform at your full potential. Due to technology and otherwise too, there are many distractions every day that restrain us from utilizing our brainpower to the full potential. Thankfully, Meditation comes to the rescue. Meditating helps in avoiding distractions and staying active at work. This way, you showcase better results at work. A study conducted on the impact of Meditation on business people from Japan found that Meditation enhanced their job performance, better work engagement, and gave them more job satisfaction. So, improve your engagement at work by doing daily Meditation and stay motivated at work.

5. Deepens your relationships at work
The relationships at work are very delicate. You have to be careful about your interactions with your colleagues, your seniors, and top management. The way you interact decides the kind of relationship. Conflicting opinions and different personalities makes maintaining these relationships challenging. As an employee, you have to make sure that you keep good relations with your colleagues and upper management. At any point, if you feel that you are not able to handle the relationship due to past experience, practice mindfulness meditation. It will help you in making you aware of your thoughts, emotions, and your surroundings. When you are more aware of your thoughts and surroundings, you will make an effort for positive interaction. You will present your ideas and opinions but positively without compromising other's feelings. It will avoid useless disputes in the future. A study led by
Harvard Medical School proves that Meditation helps in increasing the gray matter amount in the brain, which is the region that helps with compassion, self-awareness, and introspection.

So these are the ways how Meditation can help you in the workplace. It takes practice and consistency to make progress and see the results of Meditation. Start small by practicing Meditation every day for 3 to 5 minutes daily. Choose a good time for yourself, morning, after lunch or after dinner. Many prefer to meditate the first thing in the morning after waking up. Sit in the right posture and concentrate on your breathing. It will be challenging initially, but with practice, things get easy. So, practice Meditation with dedication and consistency and see improvement in your work and beyond with less stress, healthy relationships, and more satisfaction.

You must have noticed that successful people or people working at higher positions have excellent processing speed. They save essential details in their memory and recall it whenever in need. This power of learning and memory is a crucial life skill too. Research shows that one hour of Meditation boosts knowledge, concentration, and memory power. They conducted a study on students who attended the mindfulness class for four days, two weeks, and saw that their memory improved in that duration. Another study indicated that regular Meditation increased gray matter amount, strengthening the learning, emotional regulation, and memory areas of the brain. 

2. Boosts your ability of Stress Management

Everyone faces work pressure and stress. It is normal, and it is almost inevitable that you don't stress out. At work, it happens due to new responsibilities, expectations, job promotions, or changes. Stress affects your productivity and satisfaction level at work. Luckily, Meditation helps in managing stress and improve your productivity at work. In 2017 a
study conducted with the members from 2 Australian universities made them undergo 1 to 1.5hrs of weekly lessons of Meditation and mindfulness. After finishing their lessons, the participants showed improvement in three things: they concentrated more on their actions, less worry about the previous and upcoming events, and improved sleep quality. They now knew how to manage their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and reactions better, which helped them in calming down. Another study found that a 16-week mindfulness-based meditation has a powerful impact on stress management issues of senior executives in Indian organizations. Studies also prove that smoking hash reduces stress and anxiety levels. Consult your doctor to know about the right dosage of intake.

3. Increases concentration level

5 Ways Meditation Can Drastically Improve Your Work Week

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