5 reasons why to switch to vaporization

5 reasons why to switch to vaporization

​By: Raro Genetics, @raroweed

This time from 420links we want to tell you about the main advantages of vaporizing. In front of other methods of consumption such as combustion or ingestion.Although the advantages are many, we will focus on the 5 that seem most relevant to us and take into account:

For being healthier: Although this reason is known and promoted by all vapers, my opinion goes further, since I always defend that is the method of cannabis use, healthier. This is due to the fact that vaporization does not produce harmful agents for health. In addition to what could happen with other forms of consumption such as sublingual or ingestion, we could never reach an overdose or intoxication. Since perceiving the effect much faster than in the previous forms of consumption previously named, our own body will "warn" us of the moment in which we have already reached the desired effect.

Discretion: In these times, in which the legality of cannabis is not yet universal, the discretion to use cannabis is something highly valued both by recreational and medicinal consumers. So more and more vaporizers are becoming more discreet, in order to hide our consumption. Among the most discrete vaporizers we can highlight the Canna-ecigs or vape pen, which have achieved great popularity among the most discrete cannabis users. Another point to highlight about the discretion is the absence of cannabis odor when consumed, so we will prevent our consumption from being detected by the smell, either in public places or at home.

Comfort: This characteristic is one of the qualities most valued above all by medicinal consumers, since these -in most cases- have not had previous contact with cannabis, so they lack the knowledge to roll a joint or use a bong correctly.

In contrast, the use of an electronic device is much more common, so it is easier to learn the use of a vaporizer. In addition these are increasingly simple to use-having the temperatures even pre-programmed, since we only have to turn on the vaporizer and fill them with our favorite essences. Being such the comfort that there are already several hospitals -from different countries- that use the vape pen to administer and dose the medication of the patients.

A strain, several effects: Thanks to being able to vaporize cannabis at different temperatures, we can obtain one or another effect depending on the temperature chosen to volatilize a strain. This is because the cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis volatilize at different temperatures. So if we vaporize at 170 degrees Celsius, we will usually get a more energetic effect than if we vaporize at 230 degrees. Since in the second case we will vaporize all the cannabinoids including those that offer a more sedative and relaxed effect.

It is cheaper: Although normally the initial investment is higher, in the medium-long term the vaporization is much cheaper. This is mainly due to two reasons:

When we vaporize we extract up to 90% of the cannabinoids present in our essences. On the contrary, when we combust, we barely inhale 30% of the cannabinoids. This means that medicinal consumers who need to consume a specific dose of cannabinoids, see how their medicine gets more expensive if they consume it, through combustion.

We will also save money by vaporizing since we will not have to buy other consumables, such as rolling paper or lighters. Thus compensating more or less quickly the initial investment of the vaporizer.

I could not finish this article, without encouraging you to go to vaporization, because we will save money, we will gain health and our consumption will be more discreet. I Vaporize!

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