3 Ways to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety

3 Ways to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety

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CBD tinctures are a good option for those who find difficulty in swallowing supplements like capsules and edibles.

The Journal of American Medical Association review indicated that 70% of CBD products available online do not label them according to guidelines. It can deceive a consumer who does not understand the differences between THC and CBD. Make sure you purchase cannabis in the US from a certified seller abiding all rules of the respective legalized state.
Edibles (Oral – Swallowed)

CBD candies, gummies are some fun ways of using cannabis in different flavors. Edibles pass through the digestive tract and let absorption of the properties into the bloodstream, which then carries it throughout the body. Edibles are slow to act on the concerned targets but can stay active for up to 6 hours.

Gummies come in rainbow colors and gain a lot of attraction among enthusiasts. Also, these allow a discreet way of consuming cannabis. When you are out in public, sublingual and inhalation methods will invite stares from people. These treats are not going to make you high, provided the quantity of consumption is less. Edibles will help you feel overall calm during panic attacks.

3 Ways to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety

​Posted by: Kathy T. Cooley​

Studies support cannabidiol as having anti-anxiety effects that inhibit the symptoms. A review focuses on the anxiolytic effects of CBD on hippocampal neurogenesis. The conclusion of the same was that CBD has the potential to manage psychiatric symptoms in anxiety disorders.  
Edibles contain oil extracts, derived from cannabis plants. Sativa strains offer energizing effects and also have anxiety-reducing properties. CBD oils can blend in with your choice of food and drinks. You can add it in beverages, or use it as a salad dressing. Apart from
organic CBD gummies and candies, there are chocolates, elixirs, cookies, honey, and much more.

The way each method works will differ, depending on the severity of the condition. For safe consumption, start with a low dose to understand your metabolism and how it reacts to the chemical compound.
Currently, marijuana is still under the category of schedule I drug in the U.S, which restricts studies on it. When allowed to do further research, science will be able to discover more of its hidden benefits.  

Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp call it anything, is gaining world-wide support for the benefits it offers. Chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, PMS, PCOD, cancer (in certain cases), weight management are some of the few conditions it can address. 
THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the two chemical compounds of the plant people talk about more often. In terms of medicinal properties, it is CBD that gains high consideration. THC also has pain-alleviating properties, but people tend to avoid it for its psychoactive nature.
People with anxiety disorders are seeking advice on how to make use of the medicinal properties of the herb to mitigate the symptoms. It is a tough choice as there are many ways- tinctures, topicals, vaporizers, or edibles. Let’s clear out the confusion. 
Here are a few healthy ways of using CBD dose for anxiety. 

Vaping (Inhalation)

Since anxiety is an issue troubling our physical and psychological functioning, the target of CBD is to reach our brain, immune system, and motor skills. Vaping is a viable option as it allows CBD to travel through the bloodstream and reach the areas it can distribute benefits. If our body can get to mobilize its properties, benefits are high. Arguably, through vaping, you can feel the effects of CBD immediately. It can benefit those experiencing a severe anxiety disorder. Although its effect is short span, yet since the effect is quickest, it can be good to calm you down rapidly. You can use various vape pens and
glass water bong for vaping CBD.

Studies suggest that CBD responds to anxiety by reviving the neurotransmitter systems and neural regeneration. For instance, CBD binds with serotonin receptors to combat anxiety disorders. These are neurotransmitters that send messages in the brain and regulate mood and behavior. 
People with anxiety can take oral supplements or use vape pens in the morning, and at night. The frequency will depend on individual conditions. Some also like to vape during the day. Indica strains offer high levels of CBD. Find genetically good strains to get relief.

The quality of vaporizers also contributes to your experience. Good ones having ceramic heating elements can deliver clean vapor.
CBD Tinctures (Oral - Sublingual)

CBD dose of sublingual oils is gaining attraction in improving anxiety issues. The method of ingestion is directly dropping the liquid under the tongue. The mucous membrane in your mouth contains a passageway to absorb CBD faster and straight into the bloodstream.
Many users are uncertain about the proper doses and
how to take CBD oil. The tinctures potency varies, ranging from 250 mg/ml to 3000 mg/ml. The quantity will depend on how serious the anxiety condition is. ​

One can use CBD for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder (SAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Similar to SSRIs, CBD can support neurogenesis.

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