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3 Must Know Facts About Hemp CBD Oil

3 Must Know Facts About Hemp CBD Oil

Posted by Ben Spooner

CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is getting so much attention, yet many people are unaware of it's huge range of benefits. Benefits such as muscle and joint pain relief, improved sleep and complete relaxation.
Before understanding the advantages of CBD from hemp, it’s crucial to know a little more about hemp itself, as people often mistake hemp assuming it’s the same thing as cannabis.

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What Is Hemp
Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man. It has often been used in paper, clothing, fuel, oil, rope, housing, plastic and even food.
For over 10,000 years hemp has been used for a multitude of applications and personal benefits, In fact, the Columbia History of the World states that the oldest relic of human industry is a scrap of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 BC.

So what exactly is hemp, and how is it different from the psychoactive form of cannabis that we consume medicinally and recreationally?
Let’s dive into some Hemp 101 so you can better understand this versatile material.
There are many different varieties of the cannabis plant. Hemp — also referred to as industrial hemp — refers to the non-psychoactive varieties of Cannabis sativa L. Both hemp and marijuana come from the same cannabis species, but are genetically distinct and are further distinguished by use, chemical makeup, and cultivation methods.

3 Must Know Facts About Hemp CBD Oil

1. CBD From Hemp Wont Get You High
On account of the exceptionally low THC content found in CBD products made from hemp, there is no way you can feel any of the psychoactive effects identified with cannabis use.
CBD from hemp can’t get you high; therefore, the use of any hemp-extracted CBD product will not appear on a drug test.

2. CBD Products Made From Hemp Are Legal In All 50 States
CBD extracted from hemp is hugely beneficial to people living in the United States. Most CBD products from hemp contain THC levels that are legal to consume anywhere.
People living in the United States that have not been approved for medical marijuana can still benefit from the calming effects found in CBD.

3. CBD Products Made From Hemp Contain Very Low Levels Of THC
The number one issue people have with using CBD products is that they’re concerned it’s the same as taking cannabis. People assume that hemp contains high levels of THC like cannabis, but this isn’t the case.
Hemp has been shown to contain more CBD than the typical cannabis plant, and the average content of THC in hemp is between .05% and 1%.

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Where To Buy CBD
Finding the right CBD product for yourself can be very difficult, with so many different suppliers and products to choose from you can be stuck asking yourself, What company can I trust? What product should I go with? and more.

No more need to browse endless sites.
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The world’s oldest domesticated crop will once again be available to serve mankind. From promoting peaceful sleep to enhancing calmness, people who have discovered  hemp CBD products are thrilled with the benefits it brings.
We love hemp, and hope that you will too.
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3 Must Know Facts About Hemp CBD Oil

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