24 Unexpected Health Benefits of Weed

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24 Unexpected Health Benefits of Weed

It helps with weight loss 

Most weed smokers always tend to be slim in nature than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that cannabis helps in the regulation of insulin production, and manage the intake of calories more efficiently.

It prevents and regulates diabetes 
Since cannabis manages body weight, then it can truly regulate and prevent diabetes. Cannabis does this by regulating the production of insulin in the body.  

It fights against cancer 
This is one of the most amazing things cannabis can do. A lot of evidence has been released by the federal government and researchers which proves that cannabis can fight cancer cells. 

It helps with depression 
A lot of people are living with depression in the US, yet few doctors talk about it. It has been proven by researchers that Cannabis can treat depression. Samir Haj-Dahmane, who is the chief of research at Buffalo University said that the compounds found in the cannabis plant can restore your endocannabinoid system which can help stabilize moods and ease depression.

It can treat autism
Research has proven that cannabis can treat many illnesses including autism. However research is still going on to prove whether it can really treat autism. But some patients are using it to treat children suffering from autism and related symptoms including violent mood swings.

It can treat the symptoms caused by alcohol
When you consume too much cannabis it can harm your body, however when you compare it to alcohol you realize that alcohol is more destructive than cannabis. If more nations keep legalizing cannabis, it will be the perfect substitute for alcohol, which can reduce the death rate caused by alcohol.

It can regulate seizures 
Science has proven that medical marijuana can regulate seizures and many other symptoms. Also, Cannabis has been proven to cure Epilepsy. 
It facilitates bone generation 
Cannabis can heal broken bones through CBD. CBD effectively reacts with collagen which facilitates the healing process.

It can treat ADHD 
Cannabis can treat patients who have difficulties in focusing or children suffering from ADHD. It's more secure and more viable than meds like Ritalin or Adderall. 

It can treat addictions 
Cannabis can be a more reliable substitute to substances like liquor and tobacco. It can also be used as a treatment for those addicted to alcohol and tobacco. Cannabis therapy has proven to be an effective way of treating people who are addicted to drugs like heroin, sedatives, and cocaine. Keep in mind that you can also become addicted to cannabis. However the key to not being a marijuana addict is to use it mindfully.

It treats glaucoma 
Glaucoma was the first disease that could be treated with cannabis. When you inhale cannabis, it lowers the pressure in the eyeball, which temporary reliefs patients.

It Improves the health of your lungs
It might seem impossible than cannabis heals the lungs since it is associated with smoking. However cannabis has been shown to cure illnesses like cancer of the lungs and Emphysema. 

It treats anxiety 
It has been shown that cannabis can lead to anxiety, however, there are various approaches to prevent it from happening. Cannabis can also treat anxiety disorders for many people. 

It can stop the growth of Alzheimer's Disease 
Alzheimer's Disease falls under Cognitive degeneration which is impossible to stop especially when you are getting old. However research has proven that cannabis can slow the development of Alzheimer's disease which can increase the lifespan of many people.

It helps patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis
Cannabis can treat symptoms related with Multiple Sclerosis including pain tremors, and muscle spasms. 

It can control Muscle Spasms 
Muscle spasms is a sickness affects a lot of people daily. Cannabis can be used as a treatment to muscle spasms. Cannabis relaxes your muscles and stops muscle pain. 

It treats Individuals suffering from lack of appetite
Cannabis can help to regulate your eating patterns. Regardless of whether you eat excessively, or too little, cannabis can help. This is particularly useful for individuals experiencing symptoms like Bulimia and Anorexia. 

It can be used as a treatment for Arthritis 

Arthritis is another common illness that can be treated by cannabis. This is due to the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD which helps patients to deal with pain. For this treatment to effectively work, it as to be used in the form of cannabis creams and balms. 

It can help individuals suffering from AIDS/HIV 
Don't expect Cannabis to cure you from AIDS, however it can ease those suffering from AIDS. Cannabis can initiate hunger  and manage pain for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. 

It's an effective treatment for Nausea 
Nausea affects a lot of people on a daily basis which can be really debilitating.
The cannabis plant is made up of chemical compounds which reacts with your brain receptors to regulate feelings associated with nausea. This is a  very effective treatment for patients going through chemotherapy patients. 

It can treat migraines
A lot of individuals suffer from migraines, the use of Tylenol, ibuprofen or other pharmaceutical pills can cause ulcers, liver problems, and more. However Cannabis provides you with a natural treatment that doesn't have to do with pills. 

It lowers Blood Pressure 
Smoking cannabis and low blood pressure don't work hand in hand. However there exist other methods of consuming cannabis which can help with hypertension and other blood pressure issues.  

It can ease Panic Attacks 
Due to the fact that cannabis treats anxiety, it makes it suitable for controlling panic attacks. This varies according to the type of cannabis strain used during the process.  

Cannabis has its benefits and non benefits. Similar to any other drug, cannabis can also be misused. Truth be told, everyone should be allowed to access the medical benefits of this plant.

Posted by Carla Thomas

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