12 Medical Marijuana Breakthroughs in 2018

​Posted by: Kathy T. Cooley

Medical marijuana has been used across the globe to treat a number of conditions. Now many countries of the developed world have legalized the use of medical marijuana. As the result, more people are using marijuana to treat chronic pain and a lot of other conditions. You will find many licensed marijuana dispensary in the parts of the world where the use of medical marijuana has been legalized. 

Even the steroids are available to help women who are into fitness and who regularly go to the gym. It helps them get rapid pain relief and build muscle mass. 
Advanced research is going on to discover more benefits. Also, you will find many marijuana guides that can help to choose cannabis for different types of conditions. In this article, we will focus on the most recent twelve medical marijuana breakthroughs.
⦁ Brain Cancer
Glioblastoma multiforme can be fatal. Seventy percent patients do not live more than two years after initial diagnosis. Thanks to cannabis that brings new hope for brain cancer patients. It can increase the life expectancy up to six months. A study proves the effectiveness of medical marijuana to treat Glioblastoma multiforme.
⦁ Fibromyalgia
A biotech company in California has introduced a transdermal patch to improve the condition of Fibromyalgia. This patch has equal amounts of the CBD and THC. It can help patients to get consistent supply without relying on other methods like smoking. 
⦁ Alzheimer
The Salk Institute in California has discovered that THC can be effective to treat inflammation and can remove amyloid from the brain of patients. That will adverse the negative effects and will give relief from symptoms. ​
⦁ Multiple Sclerosis
Cannabis can be used to treat neuropathic pain related to multiple sclerosis. It can be effective to get relief from pain and symptoms.​

⦁ Sick Animals
Now pet owners are using cannabis to treat their pets. Cannabis extracts are helping their furry friends to get relief from anxiety, cancer, and seizures. Though the pet cannabis is not regulated, still, it is safe for your pets. 
⦁ Epilepsy
FDA approved the use of medical marijuana to treat epilepsy. Epidiolex is the first prescribed medicine that can be used to improve epilepsy conditions. 
⦁ Elderly
Now many elderly people are using cannabis to treat chronic pain and other complications. They are using different types of strains such as the violator kush to improve their life.
⦁ Post-traumatic Symptoms of Stress Disorders.
Marijuana is also considered effective to treat post-traumatic symptoms of stress disorders.  It will help patients to manage their symptoms. Research conducted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies has proved the effectiveness of medical marijuana to cure post-traumatic PTSD. 
⦁ Brain Injury
Researchers of the United States, Italy, Netherlands, and Argentina have discovered that medical marijuana can help people hospitalized with intracerebral hemorrhages. It can also cure chronic brain injuries. ​
⦁ Leukemia
A London study report discovered that medical marijuana both CBD and THC can boost the efficiency of chemotherapy drugs to treat and combat leukemia. The combination of three can improve the overall results significantly. 

⦁ Psychosis
A new strain of cannabis is helpful to treat psychosis. A team of doctors headed by Dr. David is developing a treatment to help Psychosis patients to improve their condition. 
⦁ Opioid
A study done by a Bloomberg School of Public Health discovered that medical marijuana can be used to get relief from pain. Once you start taking medical marijuana, you will not have to rely on the addictive opioid painkillers. Even the doctors have started prescribing cannabis for chronic and severe pain. This is growing over the years all over the world. In fact, the sale of some prescribed drugs used to treat pain has dropped significantly because people have started using marijuana for the same purpose. Cannabis will be safer than opioid and other painkillers.

12 Medical Marijuana Breakthroughs in 2018
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