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​Medical Marijuana is used around the world to help those who are suffering. Though largely banned due to underhanded politician and businessmen, medical marijuana offers a life line of relief where other medication just won’t cut it. It dramatically improves the quality of life for those who use it



If you run an event of interest to the CBD HEMP CANNABIS sector, we’d like to hear about it. Just email us with the details; this is a free editorial service. (But please note that we don’t list all events. Please also note that we don’t run any of these events ourselves; enquiries concerning attending, exhibiting and so on should be directed to the event organisers.)


420links online cannabis directory home for all things Hemp, CBD, Vape, Wax, Medical Cannabis plus news reviews and information

Hemp is a wonder plant that has uses and wider implications in pretty much every sector out there as a cheap and sustainable resource. However, due to the contentious nature of hemp it is widely undervalued and under used. Many countries require specially licensed, heavily regulated and monitored cultivators to grow a non-THC version of the plant, effectively throttling the amount grown and ready for commercial purposes.


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                                          ​​With all the changes happening worldwide.

It is time for the UK to get on board and bring changes to our laws. We aim to provide customers with a one-stop shop for all cannabis and hemp needs, as well as providing relevant information. Laws are changing worldwide and it is only a matter of time before that happens here.Our umbrella site where all vendors of seeds, hydroponics and related cannabis and hemp  products can be found allows customers a one stop portal to become better informed and buy safe in the knowledge that vendors are approved and legitimate.

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